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Welcome to the home page of The Stephen Sutton Ride-out . . .

Important notes

Use the 2017 link for upcoming event details

1) Make a note of the above dates for the 2017 ride-out

2) Please use the CONTACT page to leave us your details (they will only be used for SSRO purposes) but you can also join us via the Facebook link for news & updates . .

3) Having raised £34,552 from the previous 4, the 5th Stephen Sutton Ride Out is expected to be both memorable & emotional, as the day of the event marks exactly 3 years since Stephen lost his battle with cancer. As it is the main commemorative event on May 14th there will be activities to mark his influence but we also invite ideas and input from individuals or groups who are willing to add something to the day

4) Remember, our main method of fundraising is by individual sponsorship, soon you will be able to click on the downloads link to get your 2017 sponsor form

5) Sometime in June, there will also be the usual auction/presentation evening, the date will be posted on here and on Facebook

This site and the ride-out is managed by Col & Elle Jacques, parents of Tom, who came home from school one day in January 2013 with the news that his close friend, Stephen, was going to die and he had written his, now famous, bucket list. Whilst Tom appreciated we were powerless to change Stephen's situation he asked us to help with item 1, Ste's wish to raise £10,000 for The Teenage Cancer Trust. The Stephen Sutton Ride-Out is the result of an idea to invite a few local bikers on a day out and for them to chip in to an 'unknown' teenager's 'pot'
Numerous links to Stephen's website and facebook can be found within the site but please study the text on the pages for our interpretation of why we all do what we do

2015 Photos & videos + soundtrack . .

We created a montage of photos & videos, set to music. Please click on the YouTube link and let us know what you think. Feel free to share it via facebook

Thoughtful moment . . .

We invite you to pause for a moment to remember why we all work together to make the event so successful

Stephen was incredible!

When we first heard of his diagnosis, almost 7 years ago, we knew him simply as a schoolboy who was prepared to undergo whatever treatment was necessary to be able to continue with his life and to have a future. Night after night he pounded the streets as part of his fitness regime in preparation for when he was 'cured' Even when, in January 2013, he drew up his bucket list, we saw him being prepared to hit his destiny 'head on'
As adults it was easy to feel pity at the thought of such a bright young man's life being brought to a premature end but he, somehow, grabbed destiny by the horns and showed everyone what can be achieved if you set your mind to it. He knew he had no control over the cancer that was to eventually take his life on May 14th 2014, but he had such a belief that he could make a difference, he managed to lift the spirits of everyone he met. From fellow cancer sufferers, primary schoolchildren and local 'folk' to sportsmen, popstars, world leaders and the occassional comedian, he shone bright. Whilst every item on his bucket list had it's own importance we are all part of No.42 (To inspire someone else to be a doctor or fundraiser") and we remember the day it dawned on him that he was, in fact, surrounded by fundraisers and it was about bloody time he marked it as "done!". Two weeks before he gave his "thumbs up!" from his hospital bed he used is pursuasive charm to ensure we continue this event as part of his legacy. We in turn, promised him that not only would we continue but we would ensure there would always be a pillion seat bearing his name.

Over the last few years Stephen's influence has been marked by all manner of awards from Local to National level, including his postumus MBE. To find out more use the following link to Stephen's facebook page which is currently kept up to date by his mother, Jane

2014's total ? . . .

The 2013-2016 page has links to Flickr & Youtube, take a look to get a feel for the event

Please browse the photos from previous runs, if you have photos we can use, please use the contact page to let us know and we will get back to you . . .

If you are looking at this site and have not submitted your details for updates, please use the contact page and we will add you to the 'loop'

* * * The raffle and supporters' pages acknowledge the companies and organisations who's collective generosity allows us to state that ALL overheads are covered, thereby enabling every penny we raise to go The Teenage Cancer Trust, if you know any of the donors please acknowledge with a personal thank you

Friday May 30th 2014 . . . Today, we bade farewell to Stephen Sutton MBE ! the inspiration for what we do and why we do it. Our thoughts are with his family and, as promised to him, we will continue to respect all he stood for and to make this an annual event to raise money for The Teenage Cancer Trust, in his name, as part of his legacy


Col, Elle & Tom

10.10pm Tuesday January 21st . . . Updates on Stephen's fund . . .

Brief timetable of fundraising


January 13th £0.00

February 3rd £10,000

May 4th £28,000

May 5th £33,500

May 6th £40,000


a.m. Tuesday 22nd April £580,000

Lunchtime Wednesday 23rd April £1,000,000

Evening Thursday 24th April £2,000,000

Early morning Saturday 26th April £2,500,000

3pm Monday 28th April £3,000,000

10.30pm Wednesday 14th May £3,500,000

3.30pm Thursday 29th May £4,000,000

The fundraising currently stands at over £5,000,000

Next . . .?

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I dont know what to say other than I am glad that our club helped Stephen and we were a small part of his story

John Steen (The Butts) May 14th 2014