Update pm Tuesday April 17th


Various roadworks with traffic control are expected to be in place along our route so we have had to hold back on committing. The delicate nature of marrying the needs of 300 bikes with the restrictions set by Staffs Highways have meant that we will have a slightly altered route (more details later) and SH are politely asking the contractors to see if they can open their cones, etc for that weekend.
As a result, in the last few days we have been able to order merchandise & T shirts (get your order in v soon). We have also been invited to the Chase fm 89.6-94.0fm studio for a live broadcast this Saturday 11am. Anyone able to assist in marshalling or registration, please get in touch.

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What’s it all about ?

Stephen Sutton was a former A level student of Chase Terrace Technology College, he was found to have cancer 5 years ago and had undergone various treatments in attempts to cure him. During that time he sat GCSE exams where he achieved multiple A stars, and A’s with distinction. His aim had been to continue to university and to become an oncologist, thereby working toward helping others fight the affliction which had blighted his recent years. In January 2013 he was informed that his cancer had returned in an incurable form.(For more information, in Stephen’s words, please use the Stephens Story link, above)

Who are ‘The Friends of Stephen Sutton’?

The term was first used in February 2013, to group the original 12 bikers who pledged to do the first run and it is used for LDC raffle registration and official communications to The Teenage Cancer Trust. However, as a participant in or supporter of the event the organisers feel that all those involved come under the same banner.

Why a charity motorbike run?

Stephen’s news resulted in him writing a ‘bucket list’ of things he would like to do or achieve in the time he had left. Item 1 on his list was the unselfish wish to raise £10,000 for The Teenage Cancer Trust which gave him so much support and offers valuable support to many young cancer sufferers up to the age of 24. In February 2013, when Stephen’s total stood at £1,500, around 20 customers and associates of Millennium Group in Lichfield pledged their support in arranging a ride-out with each rider being sponsored and it culminated on May 5th with 140 motorcyclists raising a phenominal £5,500. . . . so here we are again for Ride-out No.6

How do we raise money?

Each rider will receive a sponsor form, endorsed by the TCT, for them to ask friends, family, work colleagues, employers, etc. to donate whatever they wish. All money raised will go to The TCT in Stephen’s name, (cheques should be made out to “Stephen’s Story”). On the day of the ride please take sponsor forms and money to the registration desk at Lichfield Rugby Club, as early as possible. We even have non-motorcyclists pledging via their accounts at Millennium, Amazing!.

Stephen's fund currently stands at over £5,500,000

– Stephens Story

The original 'call to arms' raised £5,526 in May 2013

– CJ

Massive thanks to the Rugby Clubs, the marshals and other volunteers also all who've taken part, supported, sponsored over the last 5 years. Remembering Stephen in this way has been incredible!

– Elle & Col

The total from the 2013-2017 events raised over £42,500, well done everyone! Not bad, considering it was set up to help raise Ste's original £10,000

– Col & Elle

We love this event, and it's emotional to see so many people at the roadside giving us a wave & a a 'THUMBS UP' in appreciation of what we do

– Typical of many

I dont know what to say other than I am glad that our club helped Stephen and we were a small part of his story

– John Steen (The Butts)