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An evening of celebration and recognition . .

Tuesday June 23rd from 7.00pm . .

Cick on the map for a larger image . .

Please come along to show your support

The club is open from 5.00pm

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After the success of last year's follow-up evening and to draw a line under this year's ride-out fundraising, all those involved in the event are invited to an evening at Burntwood Rugby Club (that includes participants, volunteers, sponsors)

Teenage Cancer Trust staff will be there to say a formal thank you and to be on hand to answer any questions about their organisation

They will be awarding certificates to the marshals as well as recognising individuals and organisations who have raised over £100 as part of the current ride-out event

Everyone who turns up will be given the chance for a free raffle draw with 20+ prizes available

All money raised during the evening will be added as part of the ride-out amount and our final figure will be announced later in the evening

Outstanding monies . . .

If you have outstanding sponsor money, please contact us. We'd like to hand the money over with time to calculate the Gift Aid so we can announce our final figure on June 23rd

T shirts are still available. . .

We have fewer than 20 T shirts left, please let us know if you would like any, with sizes & colour so we can turn them into cash!

Ride Out Raffle prize draw . . .

Click on the raffle link for all the winning ticket numbers from Sunday May 17th. We have either contacted or attempted to contact all winners. If you are a winner and have not claimed your prize please be there! . . .

our totals to date . . .

2013 . . £5,500 from 140 bikes & 6 vintage/classic cars
2014 . . £8,694 from 260 bikes & 20+ vintage/classic cars
2015 . . To be announced on June 23rd

Photos & videos + soundtrack . .

We have created a montage of photos & videos, set to music. Please click on the YouTube link and let us know what you think. Feel free to share it via facebook

The 'Donated items' page also has items for sale & auction. please have a look and see if there's anything you can take off our hands . . .

8pm June 11th . . . Updates on Stephen's fund . . .

Brief timetable of fundraising


January 13th £0.00

February 3rd £10,000

May 4th £28,000

May 5th £33,500

May 6th £40,000


a.m. Tuesday 22nd April £580,000

Lunchtime Wednesday 23rd April £1,000,000

Evening Thursday 24th April £2,000,000

Early morning Saturday 26th April £2,500,000

3pm Monday 28th April £3,000,000

10.30pm Wednesday 14th May £3,500,000

3.30pm Thursday 29th May £4,000,000

The fundraising currently stands at over £5,000,000

Next . . .?

Just in case you're worried, these link to sunset times and BBC weather --->>>

I dont know what to say other than I am glad that our club helped Stephen and we were a small part of his story

John Steen (The Butts) May 14th 2014