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Important note. Use the 2017 link for event details

Downloads page . . .

Now in our 5th year, we are well respected by The Teenage Cancer Trust and are seen as a major contributor to their ongoing work of supporting and caring for young cancer sufferers
As previously explained, our main way of raising money is through TCT endorsed sponsor forms so we ask participants to join in the spirit of the event and pass them around friends, family, work colleagues, local shops and anywhere they can think of that widens our support

The photos, below, link to pdf documents, simply follow the instructions for further explanations

Sponsor form . . .

This link is for your sponsor form - - - > > >

Corporate sponsorship . . .

These forms are for printing and giving to shops and workplaces, those establishments will be given hyperlinks and notes of thanks on the 'Supporters' page - - - > > >

Interest list . . .

If you wish to make other bikers aware,(pubs, clubs, snack vans, etc) please download and print this sheet but please ensure someone can record the names and relay them by using facebook messenger or the contact page (above) - - > >

Sponsor a ribbon letter . . .

This is a temporary suggestion for getting people to sponsor a ribbon. Feel free to 'click on the photo to see how it might work. We would like to think it can be distributed to as many locals/businesses as possible - - > >

Welcome to Stig . . .

In response to Ste' having a troll tattoo, John Walker has had the following troll on a bike designed and we have adopted him as our mascot. He can be found loitering around the website, on some of the hand-out leaflets, on the SSRO T shirt and on other merchandise

On behalf of Stephen's family and all at The Teenage Cancer trust, thank you for your support

The 2013 and 2014 events have raised a total of £14,000
Well done everyone!

Col & Elle