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This page links to previous events with links to photo albums & videos

Important notes

The 2013-2016 events have raised a total of £34,552
Well done everyone!

Col & Elle

2015 Photos & videos + soundtrack . .

We created a montage of photos & videos, set to music. Please click on the YouTube link and let us know what you think. Feel free to share it via facebook

Stephen's fundraising timeline


January 13th £0.00

February 3rd £10,000

May 4th £28,000

May 5th £33,500

May 6th £40,000


a.m. Tuesday 22nd April £580,000

Lunchtime Wednesday 23rd April £1,000,000

Evening Thursday 24th April £2,000,000

Early morning Saturday 26th April £2,500,000

3pm Monday 28th April £3,000,000

10.30pm Wednesday 14th May £3,500,000

3.30pm Thursday 29th May £4,000,000

The fundraising currently stands at over £5,500,000

Next . . .?

These link to sunset times and BBC weather --->>>

I dont know what to say other than I am glad that our club helped Stephen and we were a small part of his story

John Steen (The Butts) May 14th 2014