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Important note. Use the 2017 link for details of this year's event

For details of donors, please visit the supporters page.

Millennium account holders can have any item invoiced as a TCT donation

2015 & 2016 dated T shirts . . . £5 each - to clear . . .

Please help to sell the final few . . .£5.00 each

Limited stock of SSRO T shirts, featuring our troll, Stig, on the rear, reduced to £5 each to clear. Please help us to clear the remaining shirts, they're better worn (with £10 a piece going to TCT, rather than stuck in a box)

Raffle & auction items will be listed below . .

June 8th 2014 was one of the most enjoyable days policing we've ever had

Sgt Ruth Templeton, Lichfield